Nissan Lloydminster

5115 25 St
Directions Lloydminster, AB T9V 3G2

  • Sales: 1 (888) 273-4071

Customer Testimonials

Holli Irwin
January 24, 2017
 Service department was nothing short of fantastic. They got my truck in on short notice and are very friendly and knowledgeable

Robyn Cote
January 20, 2017
 I had an amazing experience with all the staff at Lloydminster Nissan! They were easy to deal with and accommodating, thank you Brent for my amazing new vehicle!

January 17, 2017
 Nissan Lloydminster has excellent staff and excellent service! The owner, Shawn, goes above and beyond to make each visit- whether you're there looking, buying, signing papers, in for a service appointment, or whatever, as hassle free and quick as possible

Big Fan
January 17, 2017
 Nisssan Lloydminster Service Dept is awesome. They are all so friendly and are very attentive to what I say. They go above and beyond to get my service request met. I highly recommend them.

Christine Tucker
January 15, 2017
 Excellent & prompt service!

January 13, 2017
 Great service, we were able to use a rental vehicle and our car was finished when we got back. Thank you Nissan for your reliable service.

Garnet Hamilton
January 4, 2017
 They are fast and friendly all the time the work is done right the first time they go above and beyond inferring your vehicle out on time. 

Mason Coombs
January 2, 2017
 I had the best experience with Lloydminster Nissan. I was so impressed with their knowledge and most of all there customer service. I first started to look for a new truck in November 2016. I went to a few different dealerships and nobody made me feel more welcome then Lloydminster Nissan, I never felt pressured at all from the sales team or anyone else there not even after going back 3 times and wanting to test drive the vehicle I was interested in, they made me feel so comf...

Robin Philips
December 23, 2016
 Due to a collision, I was car-less and needed a vehicle quickly. The staff at Nissan got me rolling with zero inconvenience and hassle! The price was fair and the service was fantastic! I highly recommend them!

Dana McIlwrick
December 22, 2016
 Recently bought a 2015 Rogue from Nissan. The service offered was excellent and very very helpful. Thanks to Gord Fitzpatrick and Andrew Schrempf for the awesome service and for making the process as painless as possible. Will definitely recommend Nissan to anybody who is needing a vehicle. Thanks again, guys

Robin Currie
December 22, 2016
 Due to a collision, I was car-less and needed a vehicle quickly. The staff at Nissan got me rolling with zero inconvenience and hassle! The price was fair and the service was fantastic! I highly recommend them!

Kaleigh-Anne Strickland
December 2, 2016
 From beginning to end I felt like every employee we dealt with genuinely cared and was doing everything they could to get us into the vehicle we wanted.  They beat the price Edmonton was willing to do for us, sweeted the deal, and were super friendly andeasy to deal with the whole time.  A great experience!

Jon Doonanco
November 25, 2016
 I went to a few dealerships and nobody made me feel more welcome, or more comfortable than Gordon did at Lloydminster Nissan.  Great guy, listened to what my needs were, helped me out step by step and hooked me up with an awesome car.  All in all could not have asked for a better experience.  Thanks God, and everyone at Nissan!

Nicholas Pearson
November 16, 2016
 Step ONE.  Back in early 2013 I needed a bright red work Truck (meet company's standards).  So had to sell my black NIssan, had a buyer for it but he couldn't get financing from his local bank.  NIssan Lloyd go him the financing for my old truck!
Step TWO.  Finding the red truck that fit my needs and in budget was one 2012 in Quebec (they only spek French) so it was interesting but got it shipped.
Step THREE... See more

Susan Nowoselski Callfas
November 7, 2016
 Great Service - great people!  Oil Change & chip repair completed quickly!

Jessica Morris
November 2, 2016

Natasha Chmelnyk
October 31, 2016
 I had the best experience with Lloyd Nissan.  I was so impressed with there knowledge and most of all there customer service.  i purchased my very first new vehicle so it was a bit nerve wrecking.  they never pressured me at all, they made me feel so comfortable and were so great to deal with.  I was introduced to many people on their team, Shawn, Dennis, Ken, Alicia, and Brent.  Everyone was so friendly, comical and made me feel so welcome and comfortable.  I would definitely purchase from this dealership again.  I have only had the vehicle 48 hours and I love it to pieces and I would highly recommend this dealership again and again.  Great job!!  Thank you so much!!

Marilyn Sommer
October 30, 2016
  We Purchased our first Nissan vehicle ever which is a Murano.  We were so impressed with the vehicle that we kept coming back to test drive it after test driving others.  Nissan Lloydminster were fantastic to work with.  the sales person was never "pushy".  They were willing to match our price.  A fantastic experience. 

Stephanie Gosbee
October 26, 2016
 Brought my pathfinder in for an oil change a year ago, and the mechanic hit my door left red mark on it and a small dent and didn't bother to say anything.  Service manager then after i cam right back after seeing it washes my car and said if I can't get the dent fixed at their expense in my home town they would get it dealt with in lloyd.  never returned my calls when I tried to set up a date that they could get it fiexed.  never put it on my file.  Cover on my more.

Doreen Rochford
October 5, 2016
 My Very First to the Lloyd Nissan.  So impressed with my experience.  Had a problem with my murano.  Called the Lady where I'd purchased it at 8:00am   Waited till 10 still no response.  Called Lloyd.  they got me in by 2:30 out by 3:30.  Offered to help me with other issues.  As 6:00 pm. Still haven't heard back form my dealer.  So guess who's going to get my business !!! 

Chris Coville
September 28, 2016
 Been dealing with Lloydminster Nissan since Fall 2012.  Bought my brand new Titan then and bought my 2015 Xtrerra there last year.  We've had nothing but great service everytime and i will continue to buy and service my vehicles there. 

Sam Sim
September 2, 2016
 I have been trying to purchase an engine part for a couple weeks, got the wrong part delivered, emailed a photo of the part yesterday but got no response, called today and was told the person I asked for was in a meeting, the gentleman I spoke to did not offer to help me except to have the other person call me. 

Teri Arnott
August 31, 2016
 Great service on our '14 Titan!  All the staff has gone above and beyond from getting us into the truck and now servicing.  Refreshing to see a dealership take care of their customers after the final sale.

Keith Lockett
July 26, 2016
 I have to admit that the service people here are great.  Actually the whole staff at Nissan Lloyd are awesome.   Maxima SR owner.