When to refinance your auto loan:

Auto refinancing is in order when you feel you can:
  1. Reduce your payment
  2. Reduce your interest rate
  3. Reduce/Extend your loan term

What other factors to consider:

The hard truth is that lower payments can be acheived by financing or leasing a NEW VEHICLE, as pricing and interest rates are considerably lower than refinancing is.  Not to mention your vehicle is covered under warranty for most service repairs.  If you have owned your vehicle for more than 2 years, please tell us! 

How to calculate your auto refinance:

Type in the:
  1. REFINANCE LOAN amount
  2. the term you wish to go
  3. the interest rate.  

Make an Inquiry

We will be collecting this information to assess your situation.  The personal information provided above may be used and disclosed by Nissan Lloydminster and/or agents or service providers (collectively, the "Dealer") as necessary.  The Personal information you provide and credit infomation obtained may be retained by Dealer and used to facilitate the application process, should you choose to apply for credit (auto-refinancing) with us. 


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